At Deeps, we recognize the importance of having strong quality control protocols for each of our consignments and strive to complete all our deliverables within the stipulated timelines. Our internal systems make it mandatory for us to depute a Quality and Risk Management Supervisor on any and all of our consignments. This supervisor is responsible for ensuring that the production unit adheres to the project timelines it commits and delivers work products that meet the client's expectations. Our team puts in place a production plan before the commencement of production and therefore, we view the final deliverable to be an output of a carefully planned and well executed approach; one which has in place sufficient number of quality checks and measures. Through our mechanism of quality checks at multiple levels, external checks as well as production manager/superior reviews, we ensure that good quality work-products are delivered to our clients.


Quality Control Plan

A quality control plan is critical for the successful execution of a consignment and it is established after the kick off the production process. The Quality and Risk Management Supervisor defines a Quality Control Plan with the guiding principle for producing a definitive result. The QC plan is based on the principle of participation from both the parties involved in the consignment i.e. the supplier and the client. This is to ensure that the client is a part of the production process throughout the project lifecycle. Continuous feedback from the client is sought at various steps during the engagement to confirm that there is no mismatch between the client's needs and the end product. Also, all the quality systems established through the QC plan are made in accordance with our stipulated timelines specified beforehand.