Our Policies


We have stringent policies looking after the protection of employee rights, promotion of their career growth and preservation of a healthy working environment for them while they are engaged with our organization. Our Gender policy has been made in association with Swadhina, a leading NGO in the space of Gender and Child Rights with whom we have partnered to ensure that our organization supports the tenets women and child development. Additionally, we have zero tolerance for child labour and bonded labour and do not discriminate on the basis of caste, creed, religion, gender, diseases such as HIV AIDS etc.

A list of these policies is are given below and available to read upon request

S.No. Name of Policy
1 Anti Child Labor Policy
2 Anti Bonded Labor Policy
3 Health and Safety Policy
4 Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining Policy
5 No Discrimination Policy
6 Disciplinary Practices at the Work Place
7 Working Hours Regulation Policy
8 Fair Remuneration Policy
9 Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Policy
10 Recruitment Policy
11 Employee Grievance Management Policy
12 Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Management Policy
13 General Hygiene Policy
14 Leave Policy
15 Gender Policy