Our Expertise and Experience



We, at Deeps, place a strong emphasis on understanding our client's key requirements before commencing on a consignment. This enables us to structure our approach, create a robust production plans and depute an experienced team with the adequate skill set to undertake the consignment. We have a permanent office in Kolkata (West Bengal) and are currently running two production units in Akra and Dankuni respectively. With approximately 100 employees across 2 factories, we are able to rope in and combine the expertise of all our employees/resources from different geographic areas so as to bring an efficient execution. Our personnel are able to access knowledge, resources and information from a diverse set of past projects from across all our operations in order to manufacture at various scales/sizes and to better serve our clients. Further, we have always strived to offer the best prices and take pride in the timeliness of products delivery.

Highlighted in the figure below, are the pre-requisites that a customer will benefit from by engaging with our organization.

Experience of working globally and adhering to international standards
We have carried out large scale manufacturing assignments for clients. A large share of our technical expertise rests upon our experience of working with clients in multiple geographic regions ranging from the Middle East, Europe, North America and Asia. We are compliant with international conventions like ILO Standards, UN Global Compact, Fair Wear Foundation, Fair Trade, Social Accountability International, SEDEX and GOTS as well as national labor laws and regional social compliance standards. Our team also has credentials of building robust quality monitoring, social compliance and risk mitigation systems and processes as per client needs.

Experience of delivering to international locations
Our team has extensive experience of working with international clients. We have a permanent office in Calcutta and production units in Akra and Dankuni. Our presence in these areas help us in planning the logistics associated with an engagement of the proposed scale. Where necessary, these units also provide us with supplementary manpower so as to ensure that we complete our delivery within stipulated timelines. In the past, we have delivered goods to Europe, Canada, United States and the Middle East.

Experience of carrying out voluminous/ large scale production
Our team at Deeps has a number of professionals who have experience of carrying out large scale production programs. Through our past credentials we have developed an in-depth understanding of quality criteria and risks based on voluminous production programs and prefer to use the same for structuring our work. Repeated use of the criteria has also enabled us to make minor adjustments which according to us, help in delivering efficiently.

Experience of manufacturing with a wide variety of textile fabrics, patterns, designs etc.
We take pride in our understanding of how to handle a mixed variety of patterns, fabrics and accessories for the manufacture of goods. We try to approach our production process with a mix of techniques, machinery and tools. Herein we deploy skilled workers who leverage on their experience and training of handling multiple techniques in large scale production programs. In the past, we have delivered consignments that have multiple components pertaining to different styles, fabrics, prints etc. and have delivered to our clients on time. Further, we have developed a deep appreciation of the impact of a participatory and consultative approach and all the stakeholders associated with a production program are in tandem with each other throughout the lifecycle of the production process.

Required human resource capabilities and project management experience
At Deeps, we take pride in the diversity of expertise we have to offer that enables us to cover the various functional and technical requirements associated with various assignments. We have a sizeable team wherein members hold different specializations. We have separate sub-units specializing in areas such as Procurement, Merchandising, Pattern making, Occupational Health and Safety, Compliance and Human Resources etc. Each of the sub-units has multiple members with varying quantum of experience. Our staff at various levels is well attuned to playing specific roles in the production process. Senior resources usually work under the direct supervision of the Director and are in turn supported by a set of mid-level and junior level resources who work as Executives.